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So many people start a vegan journey to lose weight and fall off when the results don't happen fast enough. This wasn't the case at all for Chemese!

After trying every diet you can think of and desperately wanting to change her 300 lb frame, she decided to eat a raw vegan diet of tons of fresh fruit & vegetables (minimum cooked food).

In the latest podcast episode, I talk to Chemese about her journey and why she started a 100-day detox to ring in the new year with clarity, exercise and nothing but fresh juice & smoothies.

Not bad for someone who didn't grow up eating vegetables!  :-)

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Resources mentioned:


The 80/10/10 Diet

Vegan Cooking With Love

Uncle Eddie's vegan cookies

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In the latest podcast episode, I talk to Cherri about how she transitioned her family to a plant-based lifestyle. 

We talk about the importance of getting your children in the grocery store and kitchen with you, how to handle eating out and attending events as a family & why it's so important to "meet people where they are" when you're encouraging family and friends to embrace this lifestyle.


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Christa is a vegan coach, writer, speaker & fitness competitor.

In this conversation, we talk about about vegan label, clean eating, dealing with the vegan police and her experience with being a vegan figure competitor.

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*Be a vegetarian first

*Start to replace your dairy with plant-based milk alternatives

*Read and watch documentaries-I recommened "Vegucated" "Fork Over Knives" "Sistah Vegan" "Skinny Bitch" and "Earthlings"

*Eat vegan breakfast & snacks

*Commit to cooking one vegan meal a week


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In this episode, I answer a questions about food shame, teasing from extended family and how to handle not wanting to cook meat for a significant other.

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I received a great email the other day, asking what spices and other pantry ingredients are a good starting point for a new vegan.

You don’t need a whole lot of exotic ingredients to start your vegan journey right now.

In fact, you probably use most of these ingredients already.

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When I recorded my first podcast episode, I wasn't sure how the format would be. Since I get a lot of emails, I figure a Q&A format would be best.

In episode 2, I talk about ways to get started on your vegan journey with your family. 

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Recap from the podcast...

  • Replace ingredients
  • Start with breakfast and snacks
  • Why do you want to be a vegan?
  • Find a community
  • Watch documentaries and read vegan books
  • Don't beat yourself up 
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